Money laundering is a long-term performance project in which the artists of DETOX reflect on their own and the general entanglement in global capital flows. It takes place once a month in changing formats. 98% desperation, 2% wit.

Next Washing Event:

Intervention in the Exhibition Berlin Global, Humboldt-Forum Berlin; Schlossplatz 1

5-6 pm

Previous washes:

January 13th 2024
January 13th Flashmob 3:30 – 5:30 pm inside of the Exhibition Berlin Global at Humboldt-Forum

A social OR an open city?
Commitment to my community OR to the world?
Protect OR change what we have?

In the exhibition Berlin Global at the Humboldt Forum, you have to decide.

The rooms are connected by two passageways.

The two passages are each labeled with a statement on a social topic.

The statements seem to exclude each other.

You can only pass through one of the passages and thus agree with a corresponding statement.

This decision is registered by a wristband.

This triggers a sound. All visitors have different tones. The system saves the last passage passed.

At the end of the exhibition, participants are assigned to a spectrum of values based on their decisions.

The exhibition deals with important and complex issues of living together in a city. By focusing on just two options, it provokes a discussion of these issues. We take part in this debate by performatively questioning the premise of the arrangement – namely that the pairs of statements are opposites.

Come and join in and bring your friends!

In the exhibition Berlin Global at the Humboldt Forum
Schloßpl. 1, 10178 Berlin

Saturday, 13.01.2024
between. 15:30 and 17:30


1. At the entrance to the exhibition, the museum staff will give you a wristband with a sensor and an introduction to the exhibition.

2. Register to use the sensor (this will also be explained to you by the museum staff).

3. Choose a passage where you would like to start.

4. Walk in a circle through the two passages for a while. The pace and direction are up to you. You do not have to walk alone. The more visitors walk through the passages, the more sounds you will hear. Try to create soundscapes with someone. Stay here or choose another pair of statements after a while and repeat point 4.

5 You decide when to start and end your performance.

6. In between you can step out and step back in.

7. Do not talk during your performance.

8. Treat the exhibition with respect.

9. Perhaps arrive a little early to familiarize yourself with the space.

10. The flashmob ends at 17:30 at the latest, and if you still feel like it, let’s meet up at Café Cinema at Hackescher Markt.

December 11th 2023

MITSPIELEN (PLAY ALONG) – Performance Intervention in the public space
6pm – 8pm infront of KaDeWE Berlin

Photo: Clio van Aerde

11th of August 2023

Music/performance/lecture online. Washing happening simultaneously from Berlin (Germany) and ísafjörður (Iceland).

In this zoom call we shared some of the DETOX SUMMER READINGS – Articles from the current CONTINENT, accompanied by David Graeber on Depth, Hannah Arendt on Friendship, Hartmut Rosa on Resonance and Thomas Pikkety on Capitalism in the 21st Century. We also sonified currency conversions.

11th of July 2023

Music/performance in the in the power cellar of a Kreuzberg tenement house.
An intervention in public space that you can watch from the street.
Followed by a bonfire in the yard.

Photo Ivan Mrsic

11th of June 2023

The third performance in the basement of our building.
An intervention into the public space, that can be followed from the street.
98% desperation, 2% wit.

Photo: Maja vK

Photo: Anton X

May 11th, 2023

An online performance on zoom.

We talk about previous projects, scrap and sonify the raw data between our computers and the bank server.
We read David Graeber’s “Debt. The first 5000 years” and play Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude.
And for the first time, we are happy to work with guest performer Qiqi Qiyun Zheng.

Video: Anton X

Performance Still: Detox

Photo: Karolina Rupp

Apr 11th, 2023

A performative sound event in the basement of our house.
An intervention in the public space that can be followed from the street.
98% despair, 2% joke.
91% rain, 9% sun, according to the weather forecast.

Photo: Vinicius Giusti

Photo: Vinicius Giusti