DETOX is the collaboration of composer and media artist Anton X and musician and performer Maja vK.

In the expanded space of contemporary music, sound art, performance and critical thinking, the artists perform money laundering events in changing formats and collaborations – a socio-critical ritual that is 98% based on desperation and 2% on wit.
It is a reflection on one’s own privilege, on money as a medium of alienation, as a medium of domination and injustice -and on art, that is also entangled in this dynamic.
The project is embedded in the attempt to let the common life be determined as little as possible by the logic of anonymity and quantifiability.
This attempt is not to be understood in the sense of a romantic utopia, but as a daily recognition and cultivation of hardly definable multifaceted relations between people*.

DETOX LIVE @ Maerz Musik 2023 Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Photo: Vinicius Giusti

Anton Vasilyev


Maja von Kriegstein