Mar 11, 2023

For their March wash, DETOX use a basement room of their apartment building in Berlin Kreuzberg. In doing so, they draw attention to a place that is rarely entered.
It is a hidden and at the same time it is an essential place. It is a tunnel between public and private space. The basement with the electricity meters is a kind of control centre for the whole house. This makes it a metaphor for hidden entanglement, complexity and obscurity, from which even a cup of coffee drunk on the street cannot be removed.

Video: Vinicius Giust / Anton X

Photo: Vinicius Giusti

Money laundering is a long-term performance project in which the artists of DETOX reflect on their own and the general entanglement in global capital flows. It takes place once a month in changing formats. 98% desperation, 2% wit.

Next Washing Event:

Intervention in the Exhibition Berlin Global, Humboldt-Forum Berlin; Schlossplatz 1

5-6 pm

Previous washes:

Feb. 11, 2023

One ruble one euro
Video snippet on social media

Video: Detox

Summer 2019

Debt: The First 5000 Years
Reading David Graeber

Photo: Maja vK

January 2019

Detox & Education
Interdisciplinary Workshop at the University of Arts Berlin

Photo: Anton X

End of 2018

5 x Detox & Art
Application in five copies for the first BAM Festival hosted by the ZMB (rejected).

excerpt from first detox application 2018:

Sometime before

Jokes, despair, Anton’s kitchen thoughts, ideas of being entangled, more kitchen jokes which became more and more serious.

Graphic: Anton X